Saturday, June 21-Island Festival-Kalamazoo, MI

Our No Sweat Fashion Show features several sweatshop free clothing companies that uphold strong worker ethics and comply with the twenty third article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Clothing manufacturers that advertise as "Sweatshop Free" must have Unions led by workers, an equitable percentage of the profit from the items sold, and a safe, comfortable working environment. A few companies featured in this show, such as No Sweat Apparel, purchase products from cooperatives in developing countries such as Palestine for fair prices. These companies visit each location and interview workers to ensure compliance with Article 23. Other companies featured sell apparel manufactured in the U.S. and have an equitable payment scale in which the highest paid members of the company receive a fixed percentage more than the lowest paid. The aim of the No Sweat Fashion Show is to give university students the option of making a difference in the world just by being a consumer; catalogs and coupons are available at the show to facilitate this option.

Want to be a Fashion Show Model at the Island Festival?


The Human Rights Awareness Tour is coming to the Island Festival and would like to invite you to be a model in the "No Sweat Fashion Show" featuring all sweatshop free, fair trade, and organic clothing. Guy or girl if you would like to be a part of this exciting event please e-mail the fashion show coordinator Dana at [email protected]