Watch this page for ongoing updates on the progress of

The Arcadia Creek Festival Place


Set 4 Taken 5/0/04


Set 3 Taken 4/24/04


View of the Creek Pavillion with Cover
Pavillion, Table and Benches Being Installed Playground with Raddison in Background
Stage Under Construction Long Shot of Stage
View of the Site From Stage Hats off to everyone involved with the new festival site.  There has obviously been a great deal of planning, and the new space help make all the festivals and other events more enjoyable!

Set 2 Taken 3/27/04

This weeks photos show significant progress including the shell that will cover the stage area, and the start of the playground area.  Also, note the nice brick work being done! 



<----Just to the left, Turk's backstage area. 

Set 1 Taken 3/13/04