Kingly T

Kingly TI am a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Jamaica. I now reside in Indianapolis, Indiana. My main musical style is reggae, but I also enjoy playing jazz and fusion - basically, I can play any style of music. I have played on numerous recordings, backed most of Jamaica's top recording artists and have toured the Caribbean, Japan, Mexico and throughout the US. In Jamaica (2000), as part of the group known as "Cosmic", I recorded and released an instrumental CD titled "The Bounce", which featured Jamaican traditional songs and some of my original compositions. Since migrating to the US in 2003 ,I have continued my musical journey and have played in bands with styles ranging from country/rock, jazz, r&b, funk/rock, and, ska.I am now focusing on a solo career and completed my album "Unity" in 2007.My new released album "Rock It With Me" is now in stores.