2004 Lineup

11:00 am Festival begins Vendors will be serving foods characteristic of  the Caribbean and will have arts and crafts for sale.  Join us for Lunch, and check out the all-new Arcadia Festival Place.  Sample special Caribbean cocktails from Bacardi, or enjoy an ice cold Red Stripe.  
12:00 Noon  Zion Lion Zion Lion is a Kalamazoo Based Roots Reggae band.  The band members possess many years of experience in diverse genres of music including Reggae, Gospel, Jazz, as well as Latin and African Riddims.  These musicians have played with local, national, and internationally known performers in venues from small clubs to large cultural festivals.  With the amazing Sister Myra on vocals and steel drums, Zion Lion is a crowd pleaser! ZionLion
8:15pm The Ark Band The Ark Band is a St Lucia foundation reggae band now based in Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 1987 by Terry Bobb and Eustace Bobb, the St Lucian Riddim Twins, drums and bass respectively, The Ark Band continues its reggae odyssey throughout the United States and on occasion has traveled to Canada and Jamaica to share its roots reggae ( with a likkle bit of soca ) with the peoples of the world.   Combining heavenly harmonies with tight crisp performances, this powerhouse of talent captures their audiences with their very first note. Its repertoire combines original compositions with classic and current reggae its designed to entertain, educate and enlighten all varieties of people. The Ark Band continues to be a dynamic force on the American scene even today. Its songs continue to express the love, peace, togetherness and spirituality needed in our world today and Jah Rastafari remains the central inspiration for the band's music.   The Ark Band operates with this mission-- We believe that reggae music is a powerful force that will unite people of all ages, races, abilities and walks of life and we play the reggae with this thought in mind.  LOVE IS WHAT WE NEED By Sista Irie, KAZI, Austin, TX Incredibly sweet vocals, excellent production (Lion & Fox) and the DJs dream come true, dub versions of favorite tracks. In true Ark Band form, the true RASTA message is spiritually uplifting with wonderful danceable riddims throughout. Their best release ever, and could easily be one of the best CDs of the year. The Ark Band not only rules in the US, but holds their own on the international level as well. All roots lovers must check it out! This is the message of the new millennium, for – LOVE IS WHAT WE NEED, everytime! TheArkBand
5:00pm Reggae Happy Hour with Zion Lion The Zion Lion foundation was laid with bass player Simba Jahi and drummer Preston Moore (The Kalamazoo Riddim Twins), On lead guitar and vocals is Nathan Ndjiharine, and on lead vocals and steel drum is Sister Myra.  Stop down for happy hour and leave your cares behind, as they say in the islands, "No Problem, Mon!"    
6:45pm Joint Chiefs Since forming in 1995 Joint Chiefs has maintained an enthusiastic following throughout New England, specializing in a unique blend of Roots and Dancehall Reggae originals.  Although influenced by it's members diverse musical backgrounds and experiences, Joint Chiefs positive lyrics and catchy rhythms never stray from a solid, danceable Roots Reggae Foundation. JointChiefs
8:15pm  A Tribute to America's Premier Reggae Club  
10:00pm  Barro Baaro is One of the best reggae bands in chicago..Made up of an original member of Dallol (Mulu), and two members of the all female Caress (Lois and Juanita) with drummer (Fikru) they are increasingly becoming more popular in the region. Baaro had released a cd titled Rhythm City . Is available at the WIldHare. The only Chicago venue Baaro performs at is at the Wild hare check them out once every month. Members of the group include Jasper on keyboards. Abera on lead guitar and Ermias on bass guitar. barro
12:00 am Hydro-Afro Reggae Band Featuring Ras Nash and Doggie Ranks Another of the great Chicago band frequently seen at The Wild Hare, Kalamazoo Reggae fans will remember their stunning performance at the Bob Marley Birthday Bash at the State Theatre earlier this year.  Born and raised in Ghana, West Africa Hydro relocated to Chicago in 1996, this seven piece band hits you with a distinguished Afro-Reggae rhythm.  This band is proud to back two award winning vocalists, giving their audience a full spectrum of Reggae flavor in the style of Jamaica's Sunsplash Festival.  ALSO DJ Don Pablo/Selector Joshua of the One-Root Sound System Spinning Between Acts Hydro-AfroReggaeBand
11:00 am Festival begins Vendors will be serving foods characteristic of  the Caribbean and will have arts and crafts for sale.  Join us for Lunch, and check out the all-new Arcadia Festival Place.  Sample special Caribbean cocktails from Bacardi, or enjoy an ice cold Red Stripe.  
12:00 Noon  Nigel John Nigel John brings 30 year of experience Steel Drum entertainment in Caribbean calypso, Reggae, Latin and Jazz music for all your occasion. He is specialize exceptionally as a soloist and leads the Nigel John Tropical band made up of 2 or more Steel Drummers, vocalist, congas and keyboard player etc. Nigel John is from Grenada and his Dad is an original pan maker. Grenada located south of the United States, closed to Venezuela in South America and 45 minutes by plane traveling to Trinidad and Tobago, where the Steel Drum instrument was invented.  Every moment spend by Nigel John entertaining throughout Michigan, Europe and the Caribbean ensures the people he and his group performs for are happy, dances and have good conversation while talking and dinning with music. He has accomplished a general music education in England from 1988 to 1992 and now presents workshops education to Universities, Colleges and libraries for youths and adults alike, using the different variety types of Steel Drum instruments on the program. nigel
2:00pm-3:30pm  Family Groove Workshop Featuring members of Kush and Jah Blood Fiyah Angels leading a "Rasta drumming" where people will be introduced to authentic African drums: Congo drums, djimbe etc...and will learn some beats.  Kids, bring your parents for this fun and interactive event!  Family Groove Workshop
4:00pm  The Take No Prisoner's Posse featuring Rashita Astemari! Positive Reaction is just what it says, our conscious lyrics and seductive sound coupled with the hot spectacular experience of Emanuel leading out from the percussion pit on drums or Kalimbas.. renders a Positive Reaction to life's perplexing and sometimes painful dilemmas. We are a group that celebrates life through music and the people love to dance with me!..Rashita Rashita Astemari
6:00pm  Kush and Jah Blood Fiyah Angels Kush, Singer, songwriter, and arranger blazed onto the Ivory Coast music scene in 1993 with his first release "Crushed"; which propelled itself to the top of the charts.  His fiery delivery caught the attention of West African youth who were not only taken in by the reggae rhythms but were captivated by the passion and strength with which Kush conveys his message. Jah Blood Fiyah Angels is San Diego's most respected roots reggae band, whose loyal fan base has continued to increase since 2001.  
8:00pm  Universal Xpression Universal Xpression members have come together from the following Caribbean Islands; Navis, Dominica, Trinidad and Jamaica.  They have received the following awards:  Detroit's Best Live & Soca Band and Best Live Carnival Parade, San Francisco, CA.  They play an interesting blend of Reggae, Soca, Zouk and Calypso. Universal Xpression
10:00pm  Mikey Dread Michael Campbell, a.k.a. Mikey Dread is one of the most influential performers and innovators in reggae music. His abilities, technical expertise, and unique vocal delivery combine to create a unique sound that tells the listener emphatically that it is the "Dread at the Controls." Perhaps Mikey's work with The Clash has garnered him with the most recognition, but his credentials and resume started long before his eye-opening production on several releases with the renowned Punk Stars from London. His work and interaction with The Clash was a significant event in the integration of reggae into popular music throughout the world. The album, "Black Market Clash", is a brilliant fusion of late 1970's punk rock and a heavy reggae bass and drum line. The reggae aspect of The Clash's album distinguished their sound from the other punks that emerged in the 1970's. Soon thereafter, it was a must for just about every punk band to have a reggae cover song on their album. Mikey was the first Producer ever to produce a UK chart hit for The Clash" Bank Robber" and later produced several reggae cuts on their internationally recognized Album "Sandinista." Mikey's avid interest in reggae music led him to acquire an immense collection of crucial vinyl which he used to gain notoriety as a young DJ and audio engineer with the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC) where he began his broadcasting career in 1976. There he developed his own unique broadcasting style, which has been adopted by virtually every reggae radio show in Jamaica and the world today. His radio show, which became known as "Dread at the Controls," was firmly established as the Number One Radio Show in Jamaica. Mikey was awarded Top Radio Personality of the Year in 1977-1978.    Check out Mikey's entire Biography Mikey Dread
12:00am SoulmedicBacked by Inshence Soulmedic is an artist of majestic proportions; the variety of style and dynamics make Medic's one of the most powerful new voices in Reggae music. From roots to dancehall he wails with undeniable force delivering the message of Rastafari through clean living and upfullness. When asked in a recent interview how he writes his lyrics he answered, "Purely the inspiration of the most high compels I to manifest music, It is meditation with the powers of creation".Medic's new album- Ancient Youth, released Jan 2004 on the Jah Kebra Label is 13 tracks of blazing fiyah. With production spanning from Roots to Dancehall to Hip-Hop, the music keeps you moving while Medic's voice, lyrics, and message bless the soul as well . Ancient Youth is currently receiving airplay and rave reviews around the globe with Medic appearing on play lists from Germany to Japan, The Netherlands , Us, Canada, and beyond. ALSODJ Hazey and the Lockdown Sound  System spinning between acts! Soul medic